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Grailing Press Launches

Grailing Press, a small press publishing literary fiction, noir thrillers and memoir, has begun operations. The press is excited to introduce itself and its brand to the marketplace and to readers. The press was founded by veteran Acquisitions Editor Michael Piekny, formerly of Encircle Publications, and is dedicated to building a worldwide following for its writers and their work.

With deep roots in publishing and editorial, Grailing Press offers its writers strong partnerships with the publisher and with the Press's established network of contacts. The opportunity for expanding an author's brand and the mediums in which the author's work appears are core to Grailing Press's mission.

Authors with Grailing Press will experience an immersive and fully collaborative editorial and publishing experience. The goal of Grailing Press is to establish a close-knit community of writers on its list and create lasting publishing relationships and opportunities. Authors and readers can find Grailing Press at

Photo credit: Viktor Talashuk.


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