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Grailing Magazine Announces Captain Warren Blake as Writer-in-Residence

Adding to its lineup of regulars, Grailing magazine is thrilled to announce Captain Warren Blake as its Writer-in-Residence. Captain Blake's writing has appeared in the first issue of Grailing and his tales of adventure from a life on the seas, and in some of the most intriguing ports-of-call in world, will entertain readers for many issues to come.

Warren's first series in Grailing is a four-part cycle describing his travels with the Orang Suku Laut tribe of Indonesia. The Orang Laut are seafaring communities who live off their harvest from the ocean and who call the waters of the Indonesian archipelago home. The cycle describes the author's role in a few chance meetings with the Orang Laug and the threat of this community losing its heritage and identity in the modern world.

Warren lives and writes with incredible vigor and has been documenting his myriad adventures—capers as he calls them—for many decades. Born to a legendary New Zealand family of sailors and adventurers, Warren got into the family business at a young age and set out in his ketch for the far distant horizon. Having survived his share of harrowing moments, Warren lives to tell about his extraordinary life in the pages of Grailing.

Grailing is fortunate to partner with such a great writer. Warren's sense of pace and structure and his ability to "put you there" are incredible. He writes accounts filled with insight that only a lifetime of travels can deliver. There's wisdom, humor, humility, and adventure in all his stories and we look forward to bringing readers more of Warren's writing in future issues.

Photo credit: @ricadus


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